For Your Protection

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we have made many changes to our office to make sure you have a safe place to get the healthcare you need. Your health and safety are our number one priority.

  • The first change is the scheduling, we now only see apparently healthy patients in the morning.  If you are sick you need to call the office and we will set you up with an appointment in the afternoon. Do not take any Advil or Tylenol. If you need a follow up appointment and want to be sure there is no one sick in the building than make a morning appointment.
  • We also now have installed a professional grade ultraviolet light system in the air conditioning system that kills 99.9% of all molds, bacteria and viruses including COVID-19.


  • In addition we use professional great ultraviolet light in the rooms after hours to insure the room is completely disinfected so when healthy patients arrive in the morning the rooms are clean and remain clean until the afternoon when see sick patients.
  • We also have closed the lobby down. When you arrive at the office instead of going inside go to the window. The staff will check you in from that location. They will ask you for cell phone number and what you are here for. You will then return to your car and we will text you when it is your time to come in. This eliminates any possible contact with other patients reducing your risk of contracting something from someone else.
  • We have also added virtual visits for certain diagnosis. So if you do not have transportation or you are still too worried to come in, we can now do many things from your house or work now. Please call the office to ask what type of visits can be seen virtually.
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